These aren't the droids you are looking for

this amazing baroque piece is so delightfully arranged!

enjoy on sunny day with the sea view.

and yes, it’s a guy singing.

llllllove the website!

Oh my, what a sight, beautifully organized vast amounts of books!

oh yeah, dream come true. finally!

That’s great, gotta give it some more time to explore

The Business Expos will not be run in Rugby World Cup year

Ok, I know Rugby is pretty big in NZ, they even have a special subject at school now, but why cancel the Expo?

 TurningRight main page

 TurningRight main page


Phew, finishing work on our new website

It’s all about us working with Atlassian products and making it easy for people to find us and contact us.

At the moment I’m out of ideas on how to improve the text layout on the Service page.It’s a bit blunt now.